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100% Made in USA

Torq-Masters Industries Inc. is proud to announce that their new lockers are 100% made in the USA to their exacting specifications.  The steel for all parts come from USA steel mills. The manufacturing is 100% done in Rochester, New York in a modern and ISO  qualified machine facility. Heat treatment is per our specifications in a world class  Rochester, NY facility.
If Made In USA is part of your buying decision, demand that the suppler provide a statement that 100% of all parts are made in the USA from USA raw materials and labor and that the certification is provided without qualifications. The Torq-Masters Aussie Locker* is 100% USA from start to finish.

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The Aussie Locker

  • New Cam Design For Increased Reliability & Smoother Operation
  • 100% Made in USA
  • Most advanced "traction added" Automatic Precision Locker in the world today
  • Simple Installation
  • For on and off-road use
  • Designed for installation in an open differential.

What Axle do I have?

Differential Identification

Use this chart to identify your axle so you can make sure your new locker is going to fit correctly. 


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If you can install a set of brakes you can install the Aussie Locker®
The Aussie Locker® is the most relied on differential on the market today. Trusted by offroad enthusiasts to get their vehicle in and out of every possible situation the Aussie Locker® delivers performance.

The true automatic locker.
A simple design with no actions required by the driver to actuate the locking capability. There are no cables, electrical wires, air lines, pnuematic or external connections of kind required.

Safe offroad and on.
Unlike manual lockers which do not provide differential action when locked and severely hamper steering and directional maneuverability, the Aussie Locker®'s smooth and sensitive operation allows differential action resulting in uncompromised steering, uphill or down, soft or hard surfaces. Even on hightway driving the Aussie Locker® does not impede performance.